EAUIE today is an organization that brings together businesses, entrepreneurs, and others in a unified structure, the goal of which is to organize mutually beneficial partnership and full support of all its members with unique opportunities of the Eurasian Economic Union and the organizations like SCO and BRICS.

Thanks to the informational, legal and organizational active work on the entire Eurasian space, EAUIE offers you and your business some unique opportunities.

Expanding network of EAUIE representatives in the CIS, Europe and Asia, significant informational and legal potential of the organization allows to solve a wide range of tasks both in Russia and in establishing new business relations with foreign partners.

Partnership in EAUIE will give you opportunities to:

Get qualified legal support in case of disputes with state authorities

Find business partners in CIS countries and all around the world

If necessary to get support in appealing to various state regulatory authorities

Get the right to participate in numerous round tables, exhibitions and seminars devoted to business development with the usage of EEU opportunities

Access a wide range of EUIE information services. From companies database to information and advertising support of your business

Professional legal support of all business activities

Obtain business status of a significant active participant in the activities of the Eurasian Economic Union with all relevant certificates and a certificate of EAUIE member

Membership in EAUIE is a unique opportunity for you and your business to participate in a global processes of Eurasian integration, to get all the benefits from this process and participate in building a global geopolitical strategy of Russia, aimed at comprehensive integration of the Eurasian space