The main purpose of the Eurasian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (EAUIE) is to create an effective mechanisms of cooperation and interaction between business circles, the business communities, alliances, industrial associations, enterprises, EEU firms and companies members (Eurasian Economic Union), as well as other interested countries.

EAUIE serves as a practical economic foundation base of formation and functioning of the Eurasian economic Union as a single economic space, acting as a platform for business dialogue and implementation of projects in the field of business.

EAUIE operates strictly in compliance with international standards in the economic field, in particular set by the WTO. The Union addresses purely economic and business tasks, acting as a platform to create an economic Union based on the initiatives and proposals of the business community

Members of EAUIE are the unite of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, associations, trade unions, other commercial alliances and business structures of the countries in the EEU, and also businesses, organizations, independent entrepreneurs, public organizations and others.

EAUIE will also work on partnership with business circles, business structures of other countries outside the EEU. EAUIE, is prepared to make a “On strategic partnership” agreement with companies and economic associations of countries in Europe, Asia, America, Africa.

EAUIE intends to participate in the implementation of the idea of forming a single economic space in the area from the Pacific to the Atlantic oceans. Such cooperation, according to IASP will contribute to the stable economic development of the particular regions and of the whole world.

EAUIE aims to support and implementation of specific programs and projects of economic cooperation between the partners, under the patronage of the Union, select such partners, establish the necessary contacts between them and coordinate their interaction.

To achieve these goals, EAUIE will carry out activities in the following areas:

  • attract investments for projects that involve members of EAUIE or its partners;
  • provide consulting and information services to specified organizations;

  • organization of meetings, seminars, conferences, “round tables” between members and partners of EAUIE involving experts, representatives of state authorities;

  • provide contacts and cooperation between EAUIE members and partners with the Authorities;

  • assist in the realization of intergovernmental target programs of economic development through channels and mechanisms of EAUIE, their particular members and partners, supplying with the necessary in cooperation between them;

  • attract the necessary resources for practical assistance to members and EAUIE partners, support in the settlement of economic disagreements.

To coordinate and manage the activities of EAUIE in the development and realization of specific programs of economic partnership, the organization uses special committees, commissions and sub-commission, project panel. In addition to develop an effective cooperation with countries outside the EEU – creation of Business councils.

The activities of EAUIE are controlled by the President and Vice-presidents who represent all member countries of the EEU, the Board, General Director and his deputies.

Membership in EAUIE:

The Union is open for new members, with the EAUIE members approval can accept a new member. The Unions membership can be individual and cooperative.

  • the acceptance of a new EAUIE member is carried out by the Board of the Union, on the basis of candidate’s statement for the General Director of the Union;

  • EAUIE membership admission decision is made by a majority of votes of the present members of the Board of the Union;

  • in case Board of the Union accepts a new member in the Union, the candidate is obliged to pay an entrance fee then the candidate is considered accepted in EAUIE;

  • members receive a EAUIE membership card.